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Tonic Alchemy

  • Tonic Alchemy Superfood
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Product Description

Tonic Alchemy is a remarkable, cutting edge blend of superfoods from all around the world - from the deepest oceans to the world's highest mountains. Ingredients come from almost every continent and every type of environment on earth. These superfoods are so nutrient dense that just a tablespoon a day of Tonic Alchemy blended with a liquid will provide more nutrition than most Americans assimilate in an entire day.







Transcending “Normal Nutrition”

Tonic Alchemy is loaded with the essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals that we need on a daily basis to thrive in this modern world. But Tonic Alchemy does not just provide conventional nutrients – it transcends “normal nutrition.” This blend of 91 superfoods contains literally thousands of phytonutrients, many of which are extremely rare and yet incredibly valuable to human health and well being. Almost every vitamin, mineral, protein and co-factor so far discovered in whole natural foods has a part to play in nurturing and protecting the human body and mind. Yet normal nutrition in our modern society is very limited for many people due to lack of variety, lack of fresh living foods, and due to the adulteration and destruction of nutrients during food growing and processing. And, of course, many of the foods we find ourselves exposed to are in fact harmful and contribute to disease and degeneration. We all need to eat as well as possible to counterbalance the forces of the modern world. Tonic Alchemyä presents a means of going beyond “normal nutrition” by providing nutrients that most people simply cannot fit into their “normal diet.”

The U.S. government has recently released its new dietary recommendations urging consumers to consume up to 13 servings per day of vegetables and fruits. This long overdue recommendation affirms what many of us have known for a long time. Still, most Americans will not be able to achieve these standards. Even for those of us who eat consciously, it is not always easy, or even possible, to consume all the vegetables and fruits one should be consuming, every day. Luckily, Tonic Alchemyä can make a huge difference in our actual vegetable and fruit consumption. Tonic Alchemyä contains superfoods – foods of extraordinary nutritive value – nutrient dense greens, super-tonic herbs, tonic mushrooms, antioxidant rich fruits and sea vegetables, and vitamin-rich sprouts, all of which contribute to our higher nutritional needs. Tonic Alchemyä is also a source of concentrated garden vegetables, the very ones we need to consume virtually every day. Tonic Alchemyä is exactly the concentrated vegetable booster you need in order to achieve and to maintain glowing health. 

Included in this blend are supertonic adaptogenic herbs that contain substances that fortify our body in many ways and help us adapt to the harshness of this polluted, hazardous, stressful world. And these are not just the normal commercial grade tonic herbs found elsewhere – these are the premium tonic herbs in the world sourced from the most remote and pristine regions under the guidance of Ron Teeguarden, a world-recognized master herbalist.

By consuming Tonic Alchemyä, a person is guarantied that they are consuming a full range of the ultimate life-enhancing foods and tonic herbs in the world. These nutrients help protect our body from toxins, ailments and even accidents. They enhance our immunity, cellular respiration and metabolism, illness control, body part regeneration capacity, and longevity. Furthermore, they can play a huge role in our performance on every level of our life. Super nutrition can enhance intelligence, intuition, creativity, work performance, athletic performance, sexual performance – and even our personality and attitude toward life, work and family. There is nothing in life that is not influenced by our nutrition, and Tonic Alchemyä provides amazing nutrients that can help every person to attain optimal personal achievement and well being.

For the first time ever, all of these superfoods are available in one amazing blend

Tonic AlchemyTM is incredibly nutritious – it is without question the ultimate superfood mix ever created. Just one serving a day will provide the body, mind and spirit with the most awesome range of nutrients ever combined in one meal, much less one product. Tonic AlchemyTM is composed of 91 individual superfoods sourced from around the world. Every ingredient is the best material available in the world.

Ron Teeguarden’s credo is “never compromise on quality.”

Tonic AlchemyTM is delicious and is easy to prepare. You will look forward to each opportunity to enjoy this life-giving superfood matrix. Every serving is a step toward radiant health.


This blend is an extraordinary health-promoting tool. By consuming one to two servings per day, you are assuring yourself of good nutrition, and you are protecting your body against the ravages of modern society.

Tonic Alchemy helps to:

  • Increase mental and physical energy
  • Nourish all the tissues and every cell of the body
  • Build blood 
  • Maintain a healthy immune system
  • Help establish a healthy intestinal pH balance
  • Nurture and balance our natural intestinal flora 
  • Tonify all the organ systems
  • Protect the liver, lungs, brain and other tissues from toxins and pollution
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce chronic inflammation
  • Deactivate harmful free radicals
  • Detoxify poisons and rid them from the body
  • Remove heavy metals from the body

Warranty Information

30 Guaranteed or Money Back. Product must be returned in order to receive a full refund.

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Product Reviews

  1. LOVE IT!

    Posted by Crystal on 12th Mar 2014

    I love this product! It gives me a lot of energy and I feel well rested after I sleep. I work out daily and I've been using this as well, and the combination of taking this everyday and also working out is awesome! I will definitely be purchasing another one of these when I run out!

  2. A Real Super Food!

    Posted by Nikayla on 20th Feb 2013

    This tonic is fantastic! My hair is growing, shiny and healthy, I have energy to last all day long, I sleep like a baby. I make a smoothie every morning and add Tonic Alchemy and it's delicious. It also keeps my nails strong. And just think, if it does wonders on the outside, it is doing wonders on the inside. I am 62 years young and I feel and look better than most women look at this age. This product will also keep you regular and ready to do all the things you need to accomplish in your day. Thankyou Niwali!

  3. Awesome product!

    Posted by Nikayla on 10th Jan 2013

    HURRAY, a product that actually gives you energy, grows new healthy hair, helps skin and nails. I love this tonic! I put it in my smoothie every morning

  4. Great product!

    Posted by Crystal on 21st Dec 2012

    Love this product! It gives you that energy boost you need. It makes you feel very clear mentally. You just feel so great. You just want to do so many things, this could even add as clearing that it helps get rid of 'depression'...you know when you have those feelings like you just want to isolate yourself? Well, this gives you energy that makes you just want to go out and be on top of the world! It is awesome and very good for your health! I give it 10 *******

  5. Sleepy

    Posted by Sleepy on 12th Aug 2012

    I love it, but it made me go to sleep. It was one of those deep, deep sleep. Is this normal? Should I cut back?

  6. Life altering Product

    Posted by Meryl on 3rd Aug 2012

    I have been drinking tonic alchemy on and off (mostly on) for 7-8 years ever since I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. My MD follows me every 6 mos. with blood work,ultrasound and physical exam and she is amazed every visit the I have no sign of the disease. This also maintains my weight beautifully (5'9 135 lbs), my hair grows like I was 20 yrs old (strong & healthy),in reality I am a 60 female. It makes a remarkable differnce in my energy level when I take this tonic. I totally recommended this product for a multitude reasons.

  7. SDcHYlUR

    Posted by Topher on 24th Aug 2011

    I have been so bewlideerd in the past but now it all makes sense!

  8. No need for coffee anymore!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Oct 2010

    This product is super awesome!

    It's like a coffee, but instead of damaging your body it heals it...

    The pleasant buzz you get after ingesting Tonic Alchemy is from the overload of nutrients... and not from the "flight or fight" response that coffee causes...

    Coffee leads to fatigue... Tonic Alchemy leads to increase increased health, joy and happiness... quite a difference!

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